Lanoptik Technologies

Cutting-edge digital comparison microscope for forensic inspection applications: such as document examination, firearm examination, counterfeit examination, fingerprint indentification, and determination of sequence of strokes.

Compact design, easy-to-use tabletop HDMI microscope with 15.6" FHD ISP display. 

Wide field eyepieces, long working distance objectives and infinity optical system.

Create a true and stunning wireless microscope classroom and smart laboratory. 

More than 40 models digital microscope integrated with embedded camera for various of applications.

Customized Solutions for Your Microscope Imaging

We can provide customized solutions according to your microscope and special needs.

Phase-contrast, bright & dark field, fluorescence microscope with infinity optical system.

Various types of stereo microscope for life science, material research and industrial inspection.

Transmission polarizing microscope modified based on Olympus CX23. a variety of cameras are available for option. Configured with digital camera.

Special light source design to improve the ability of high-precision observation, measurement and image comparison. Configured with digital camera.


USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, 4K Ultra HD, 5G Wi-Fi 및 내장 운영 체제 기술을 통해 Lanoptik은 다양한 수준의 사용자와 다양한 현미경 검사를 충족 할 수있는 고품질 이미지 센서가 장착 된 70 개 이상의 디지털 현미경 카메라 모델을 제공합니다. 이미징 애플리케이션. 이 현미경 카메라는 경제적이고 성능이 뛰어나 일관된 고품질 현미경 이미지를 비용 효율적인 방식으로 캡처 할 수 있습니다.