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디지털 편광 현미경 DPM23


The DPM23 is a good choice for users on a budget. For those who own a CX23, they can modify their CX23 microscope by only getting the full set of polarizing parts.

As standard configuration of DPM23, 12 megapixel multi-output embedded camera CA1200 provides excellent performance in polarizing applications.

Image by Sean Sinclair




파야오 대학교

농업 및 천연 자원 학교

Bertrand Lens Module Customized for CX23 Microscope

공군 의과 대학

2. Compensator: λ, λ/4, Quartz Wedge

3. Analyzer

Polarization Modification Based on Original Objectives

란저우 대학

5. Centering adapter for objective

6. Graduated circular stage

  • Ball bearing rotary stage (Dia. 142mm)

  • Rotatable 360° horizontally

  • Can be fixed at a specific position

  • Graduated 360° (in 1° increments)

  • Rotation clamp equipped.

Polarizer Unit customized for CX23 microscope

7. Diaphragm

8. Field diaphragm

9. Polarizer: 360°rotation with mark

10. LED light source