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High Speed 5G WiFi & USB Dual-output

The cameras provides two output modes: USB and WiFi that is swtiched by button, and is powered by the USB cable. Up to 30 fps at full resolution.

Plug & Play, No Need to Install Driver

The camera supports the Microsoft WDM protocol, plug and play, no need to install additional drivers.

Excellent AWB & Color Rendering

The camera adopts advanced automatic white balance algorithm and color calibration technology to ensure accurate color reproduction under different light source.

C Mount Designed for All Types of Microscope

The camera is designed with C-mount which is threaded to a pitch of 1/32-in, suitable for all types of microscope coming with photograph tube and C mount coupler.

Support Third-party Imaging Software

The camera comes with imaging App for Anroid devices and iOS devices, and supports third-party image software based on the Windows operating system.

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Dual output makes image sharing more efficient and more convenient.

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5G Wi-Fi & USB Microscope Camera
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